Lordoch d'Orlee

Roguish Tiefling captain of the Maiden of Misery.


Lordoch stands slightly taller than his fellow Tieflings, lithe, with lean muscles stretched taut like bowstrings across his body. Intricate tattoos adorn his arms, depictions of the sea and the nightmares that swim below its surface. One gold ring adorns his nose, while his horns curl in corkscrews above his head. His tail he keeps wrapped around his waist like a belt, unfurling it with a crack like a whip to catch a foe off guard.


Lordoch is anything but normal. His appearance, mannerisms and outlook all stand so far opposite the varied “normal” views and beliefs of his kind. He dresses boldly, he speaks freely and without concern, he smiles and enjoys life in a way most of his kind simply cannot comprehend. None of that, however, can smother the cold malevolence that burns in his heart. Long has he served as the Captain of the Maiden of Misery, and long has he sown destruction and death in the name of Khaine, Warlord of the south. He can appreciate the fine cut of a coat, as he carefully avoids spilling your flowing blood on it. He can savor the delicacies of foreign cuisine off your plate, while you cool in your seat beside him. His goals are unknown, save for one: Life for the Warlord, or death for eternity.

Lordoch d'Orlee

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